Buttoncommander 1.0 Automation Software.

Create Toolbar Launchers for Applications.

Buttoncommander 1.0 is a Automation Software that can Create Toolbar Launchers for any sort of Applications on a Windows System. Any Button can Execute command scripts from Tool images. Together with autohotkey freeware you can efficient reduce your computer movements. Are you tired to remember Keyboard Shortcuts Combinations. In many applications you will need to search in the menus to find the right keyboard shortcuts combos. Is it not better that you create your own favorite toolbar, You only need to look to that image on the toolbar and the picture will explain what is can do. Push it in one button click with your mouse device or touch device and its done.

Features of Buttoncommander Automation Software:

  • The Most Windows Applications does have Static Menubars and Toolbars - it can not Follow the Stylus pen or Mouse Pointer - With ButtonCommander you can do that.
  • If you Avoid to use Menubars you can save many time,  Instead of that you can better use your own Toolbar Near to your Stylus pen or Mouse Pointer where you have All your Favorite Tool buttons.
  • Simultane Sounds
  • Can Execute Simultane (native) any sort of Autohotkey Commanding Scripts.
  • Can run other Languages scripts for example ms-dos .bat or .??? files.

static menubars toolbars

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Speedup your Workflow in all your Windows Applications (Gimp-Photoshop-Illistrator-Inkscape-Blender-SketchupPro-Zbrush-Sculptris-AutoCad-AutoDesk-Firefox-GoogleChrome-InternetExplorer-Notepad-Wordpad-MicrosoftOffice-LibreOffice-SpeadSheats-HtmlEditors-VisualBasic-VisualStudio-Delphi-Lazarus-Python-?)
With Buttoncommander you can Forget using the Old Classic Static [Menubars] & [Toolbars] in Programs instead of this you can better using Intelligence Dynamic [Toolbars]

Buttoncommander is a Creator and launcher (all in one)

And it works on Windows System 32/64 bit (98/xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10)
The pros are, it does use only a minimum of CPU load with a maximum of performance.

Buttoncommander does have all kinds of Examples that you can, test it out.

With this Top Tool you can make your own favorite:

  • Toolbars.
  • Taskbars.
  • Launchpads.
  • Enterpads.
  • Virtual keyboards.
  • Multiple Clipboards.
  • Url google Launchers with query search parameters.
    Example 1:
    Select any Text on your System and do in ONE BUTTON CLICK
    a google search. The computer find (automatic) out where it
    can do the search and what browser it must use.
    Example 2:
    Select any Text on your System and do in ONE BUTTON CLICK
    a Translation from that Text. The computer find (automatic) out where it
    can do the Translate and what browser it must use.
  • And many more.

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toolbar examples

For Desktop Computer with a Mouse device.

You can make your own Favorite toolbars with multi selector popupmenu's. Choose a Picture on the Toolbar and then Push the Left Mouse Button for executing the Autohotkey Script. And Push the Right or Middle Mouse Button for Hide/Show the Toolbars into the Mouse Pointer. (you have always your Toolbar near to your work area) Click Here for Youtube Video 3: and see how to make in 5 minutes a Toolbar.

photoshop Shortcuts Tool

toolbar animation

For Windows Tablet with a Stylus Pen.

You can use buttoncommander on any kind of windows tablets with touchscreen. (for instance Surface pro Tablet) Push with your left hand (finger) a tool button and in the same time you can do painting with your stylus pen. (without interrupting or moving your stylus pen to a Tool button) Click Here  for Youtube Video 4:

Tips to Work Smarter with a Stylus Pen on windows Surface Tablet. Photoshop with Surface tablet

There are Two Ways to Build Toolbars. toolbar animation toolbar gif image

  • The First One is you can Choose one main Picture and then simple place anywhere on that Picture the Transparante Buttons.
    (This is very useful, you can use any ScreenShot or you can search on internet any kind of Pictures and then make it into a innovative Launcher. how Cool it that)
  • And the Second One is you can Easy and very fast Choose a Button and then Choose with Picture file you want.

Creating Tool buttons is very Easy:

Step 1 - Create a Button > Choose the Picture and Sound Files.
Step 2 - Write in the Command Editor the Autohotkey Code.
; ^ = Ctrl
; + = Shift
; ! = Alt
; # = Win

; [Ctrl] + [Alt] + c =
; copy [selected text] or [Image] to Clipboard Memory.
send ^!c
and now if you Click on that Button it will automatic send the
Keyboard Shortcut Combination > Ctrl+Alt+c

How to install Buttoncommander.

It Required that you first install autohotkey freeware on your windows system.
Step 1: Download and install autohotkey Click Here
Step 2: Download, install Buttoncommander
You can Download Buttoncommander Software From Website Portals:
Choose One : Click On the button Images.
Get it from CNET Download.com! download-softpedia software informer download Free Software Download - Top 4 Download Free Software Download - Windows 10 Download
Step 3: If that is done you are ready to take of.
(You can test it out and you can see what it can do, the free 30 days Trial No need to Hassle to signup or make a Account.)
You can run the ?.but files in the directory Examples.
Note! : do not run the buttoncommander.exe file directly,
you will need to run the .but files, same like .ahk files in autohotkey freeware.
For info about license agreement for end users EULA you can Click Here

toolbars examples

Buttoncommander. can execute all kind of scripting languages (without focus the windows)
this means you can for example: send text or send keyboard shortcuts combinations to any applications.
autohotkey is the main languages for buttoncommander. In the command editor of buttoncommander You can,
write a simple or complex autohotkey scripts or write msdos codelines (.bat) other languages scripts (.???) is also possible
With this software you can simple run the scripts by clicking a toolbar picture on your screen,

You can also execute the command scripts by pushing a shortcut combination on your fisical keyboard.

text toolbar

Buttoncommander. does have all kind of toolbar move functions for mouse or touch device:

  • Hide the Toolbar into the mouse pointer. (so that you have the toolbar always close to your work area)
    (example: push the middle mouse button to show/hide the toolbar)
  • Hide the Toolbar into ONE BUTTON KEY everywhere on the desktop screen.
    (example: You can simple with any key on the toolbar.)
  • Show and Hide the Toolbar if your mouse pointer reach a (x,y,width,height) area.
    (note! for this you will need a autohotkey scripting code.)
  • You can easy move the Toolbar with any key.

gimp shortcuts boardpictures with executable shortcuts commands

How to Create Toolbar Launcher.

In a few steps you can create your own innovative launchers.
Step 1 : First go to the Examples directory and run the CreateMyNew1.but file.
Step 2 : Then in the Command Editor Click the button [Createnew]  and give it a [new name].
Step 3 : Choose a button image.
Step 4 : Resize that image Width=? Height=?
Step 5 : Choose How many buttons you want to duplicate, save and restart buttoncommander.
Step 6 : Move these buttons to the ideal positions.
Step 7 : Choose the Sound files.
Step 8 : Choose the Pictures files.
Step 9 : Click a button and write the scripting codes in the command editor.
Step 10 : Save and restart buttoncommander and you ready to go,
You only need to click on the images to execute the autohotkey scripts.

Run command scripts from tool images.

The codelines can have:

  • Keyboard shortcuts commands.
  • Computer movements commands.
  • Simple script to Run Applications.
  • Scripts to do a url google search with query parameters.
  • Easy code to Write or read the windows registry.
  • Program codes that can fast Transform any text into commands.
  • And many more.

Advantages of Autohotkey.

Autohotkey. freeware is the most useful scripting languages for keyboard/mouse or joystick device,
You can pushing a shortcut combination on your fisical keyboard and it will direct execute the autohotkey script.
You can write the autohotkey scripts easy with Notepad, and save the scripts with extension (?.ahk)

  • Remap keyboard layout.
    Example codeline:
    a::b ;remap keyboard, key a into b
  • Send keystroke combos.
    Example codeline:
    ~f7::send ^c ; click on keyboard f7 to copy the selected text into clipboard memory.
    [^=ctrl] [#=window] [!=Alt] [+=shift] [~ orginal function is also active]
    In Buttoncommander you can do,
    Click the image on the screen and it will direct copy the selected text to the clipboard memory.
    image with shortcut command script
  • Do mouse movements.
    Example codeline:
    ~f8::MouseClick,left,200,300,2 ;push f8 for move the pointer to, coordinate x200,y300 and then do two times a left mouseclick.
  • Remap the buttons of the mouse/joystick device.
  • Easy commands to write or read the windows registry.

~f9:: ;push f9 to put clipboard text into registry hint1
send ^c
RegWrite,REG_SZ,HKEY_CURRENT_USER,softwarebuttoncommander 1.0/Clipboard 1/KeyHintText,hint1,%a1%

  • You can Transform text into symbols (pi) into (π) or (ohm) into (Ω)
    Example codelines:
    ::pi:: ;type pi + spacebar and it will replace pi into symbol π and if you use :*:pi:: you can type pi without spacebar.
    Send {U+03C0} ; pi
    ;send {ASC 0960} ;pi
  • Transform (short text) into (long text)
    for example (kbc) into (Keyboard Control)
    Send Keyboard Control
    You can also make any words into commands for example if you type (calc) it will run the calculator.
    run calc.exe

Autohotkey vs Buttoncommander.

Autohotkey. You can execute the autohotkey scripts from out your [fysical keyboard device] or [mouse device]
(and it does not have self a graphical interface.)
Compared with Buttoncommander. software, this does have a graphical interface options,
and you can execute the autohotkey scripts also from out toolbar [button icons] on the desktop screen.

Conclusion :
if you use Buttoncommander together with autohotkey,
you have more options to automate the computer movements on your system.
Think about this autohotkey + buttoncommander = autohotkey professional.

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