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The best tips to work smarter on windows pc systems.

Here you will find tips which soft­ware is the best and how you can work smarter on your win­dows pc sys­tem. I am a pro­gram­mer and i like But­ton­Com­man­der 1.0 soft­ware, Togeth­er with auto­hotkey free­ware You can Speedup your com­put­er move­ments.

Tip 1 : Create Virtual Enterpad Cards With any Pictures.

The Pow­er of But­ton­com­man­der Soft­ware, is that you can Make a set of Transparante But­tons, these But­tons you can then place on any kind of Pic­ture. How nice is that. you can Sim­ple Push these area's on the Pic­ture and it will run the Auto­hotkey Codes. You can Now Make Vir­tu­al Enter­pad cards to auto­mate your Move­ments.

autohotkey Toolbar cards

Tip 2 : Software to make  your own unique toolbars.

If you build your own tool­bars for win­dow appli­ca­tions, then you do not need to mov­ing your hands to your key­board device. Sim­ple go with your mouse point­er to the self explaned but­ton icons pic­tures on the tool­bar, push the but­ton with your mouse device and the scripts does do the jobs for you, it will direct exe­cute the com­put­er move­ments . or you can push the ctrl,shift,window or alt but­ton icons on the screen and with your left hand you can press a key on the key­board, (ctrl,shift,windows,alt cap­slock is also pos­si­ble) this is a smart en effiecient way to work so that you can stay always your right hand on your mouse device.
see picture's Meth­ode 1 to 3:


Meth­ode 1:
if you use but­ton­com­man­der tool­bars on your main mon­i­tor you can Improve and reduce your Com­put­er move­ments, In this pic­ture you will see a sim­ple exam­ple.

reduce moving hands to keyboard and stay always on mouse device


Meth­ode 2:
If you use but­ton­com­man­der on you the sec­ond Touch­screen you can exe­cute for exam­ple all your favorite key­board short­cuts macro's with­out the key­board.

touchscreen and second monitor reduce computer movement


Meth­ode 3:
If you use but­ton­com­man­der on a tablet touch­screen you can click with your left hand (thumb) on the self explained images, and it will direct exe­cute your key­board short­cuts com­bi­na­tions. With out inter­rupt­ing, and you do not have to move the pen to the Tool­bar but­tons.
(No need to use a fys­i­cal key­board or no need to wait for the sty­lus pen to do a right mouse click [for exam­ple show the pop­up menu with copy/paste/cut])

Toolbar creator and launcher

The Best Tips for Google Search.

In this pic­ture you can see :
How you can dis­able in browsers the Redi­rec­tions for google search results (ncr).
With this tip you can have always, No Redi­rec­tions Google Search Results to your local Coun­try :

tip no country redirect google search


3D Text Mak­er:


But­ton Mak­er:


Get Free Pic­tures:

Free face Wallpaper


free car wallpaper


car wall paper


free bird wallpaper


mountain wall paper

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    Hi, i am using But­ton­com­man­der Soft­ware for a long time and it works very Well togeth­er with Auto­hotkey Free­ware, i can improve and reduce my PC Move­ments in note time, no need to typ­ing key­board short­cuts or to remem­ber.

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