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Toolbar Launcher for Sketchup Pro Software

Buttoncommander is a Productive Toolbar Creator and Toolbar Launcher for Sketchup Pro Software and Other Windows Applications. If you are a Professional that is always engaged in designing, you require the toolbar launcher. It works well with SketchUp pro software. It can also with a modern Windows operating system such as Windows 10. This system works differently. It is dynamic and different from other models that are known to be static. With this system, you would the toolbars always very close to the mouse pointer. To dictate objects, you can use the middle mouse button and the toolbars will follow the toolbar launcher automatically. Working with the onscreen keypad, you can achieve a better result. Because it is dynamic, it is user-friendly and you can achieve a faster result for whatever project you are doing.

Because it is faster, it can save you plenty of time when you put it into use. You can spend more of your time painting and this leads to more output. The SketchUp automation software tool and SketchUp Pro software, you can complete most of the painting in a fraction of what you usually spend to do it. This is the best and the most productive tool in the hands of engineers and designers.

There are lots of features that make the new automation tools the best in the industry. It facilitates all the painting, designing or drawing work you do with. Furthermore, it makes for better workings flow. Most importantly, because of the dynamism, you drastically reduce movement. This means that all the movement in the system will increase by at least half of the speed. You are going to be more productive as the designs would be better and a better result is certain.

With Sketchup Toolbar Launcher in Buttoncommander

  • checkbox enable You can Paint in Less of Time.
  • checkbox enable You Have Better Work Flows.
  • checkbox enable You can Reduce Distance Movements.(+- 50% Faster)
  • checkbox enable You are able to Speeding up all your Computing Movements. (+-50% Faster)
  • checkbox enable Working on Graphic Designs will be Easier.
  • checkbox enable Para-in-metrics Design Improvements.
  • checkbox enable You can Stay with your hand Always on Mouse Device.
  • checkbox enable You do not have to use your Keyboard Device.
  • checkbox enable No Need to Search true the MenuBars and find the right Tools or to find the right Keyboard Shortcuts Combinations.
  • checkbox enable It is Guaranteed The Quickest Way to Work in Sketchup Pro Software.
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How does SketchUp Automation Tools Work?

This is the most innovative tool in the hands of the designer. It is simpler to use and you do not need to stress yourself to operate it. All you need is to input the proper command and everything will begin to work for you. When you add the prompt which is the only requirement it demands from you. If you want to generate more advance plans such as 2D you can use this. Once you provide the necessary information it would automatically translate it. It would become available visually. The most interesting part of the tool automates features. It can translate everything to you such as the drawing scenes, the shadows as well as the layers. This means that if you use this, the tool you can achieve a better real-life result because it makes for precision in drawings and decision making.

Anybody engaging in any form of drawing would be aiming for more accurate and realistic results, and there is no better way of achieving that than using this great and innovative tool. It is easier to decide because it puts its results in parametric. When it comes to accuracy, you can have to think of this tool.

What is the Difference Between SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Free/Make?

The products are great and they help you to improve your drawings. There are significant differences between the pro version and the free version. The difference indeed lies in their functionality and applicability. The pro version is the professional version and you can use it for more purposes. If you want to limit yourself to the free version, there are serious limitations in terms of functions. First is that you can only use it online. The other shortcoming with this free version is that it does not make for keyboard shortcuts. The major differences between them lie in their capabilities and their features. You can achieve a better and precise result with the pro version compared to the free one.

Besides, when it comes to the ability to export and import. There is a serious limitation for the free version users because it cannot edit designs. This is possible with the pro version of the product.

However, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you begin with the free version, but as you progress, you can migrate to the Pro version and you are going to achieve better and more precise results..

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What is the Difference between SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Free/Make?

There are slight differences between SketchUp Pro Software and SketchUp Automation Tools software. The differences in them lie in the application and sophistication. The Pro software is meant for the tasks that demand manual work. They are simpler and this means that they are not complex. It is simpler to use and it is meant for those with moderate expertise levels. The major point to note here is that it requires labor.

The SketchUp Automation tools software, on the other hand, is meant for the mode tedious works. Such works are more strenuous and it can take a longer time to be completed. This tool removes the complication and facilitates the completion process.

Dynamic Toolbars Vs Static Toolbars

These toolbars can be static or dynamic. The toolbars are needed because of what you do with them. When you click on these toolbars it allows you to perform your tasks. The tools are available in two types as discovered above. Dynamic tools are movable and it moves with the arrow where the mouse indicates. It does the designs for you and saves your precious time.

On the other hand, the static toolbar is not movable, it is fixed in a location. To draw with it you have to go through some challenges. This is available in the software and it is in the basic form.

Pc Tips for Better Workflow on SketchUp Pro Software.

There is no other software that can enhance or bring about an organized workflow than the Sketchup Pro Software. If you want to use it in your operating system, you can still organize it in a way that makes for greater productivity. There are three different ways you can utilize it on your PC.

Use the groups and components

To enhance your performance, and to minimize space and facilitate the work you do, you have to make use of the groups and components of the software. When you do that, there is no need to save every individual file separately. When you do that, you are saving spaces in the process. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this is that it makes for accessibility and this is the case when you bundle the various components. It makes for more productivity.

Change the display method

To facilitate the work, you do, you can change the display styles. If you continue to use it unaltered, there would be a problem because it is going to slow down the system. Most of these are not relevant and it can delay the work. There is no need to use all the styles at the same time. Use only those that are relevant to the work you have at hand. Always check the shadow setting to ensure that what you have are only the relevant styles.

Utilize shortcuts

The system is designed to help and it depends on how you use it. You can learn how to use the shortcuts. It is going to be faster because you achieve do away with irrelevancies. If you learn how to use these shortcuts, you are going to derive a lot from it because it is going to facilitate your work. Besides, it is faster and it makes you more productive. This furthermore makes that work to be less stressful.

What is SketchUp? (3d Modelling)

Sketchup is another name of third modeling. This is the most innovative program designed for a wide range of applications. It is the best for those who engage in drawing such as those who are involved in interior design, architecture, landscaping, mechanical engineering as well as civil. Furthermore, it is great for those in the video and film industry. There is the free version of the system and you can get this online. There is also a premium version of the software and it offers more functionality. It is left for you to choose from which of the systems to use. If you want to improve on your designs, then you can think of this software. Moreover, it is more precise to use and you are going to reduce the energy and time you spend on the designs.

For Who is SketchUp Automation Tools make for?

It is obvious from the functions and functionality that this tool is great for those in the construction and tech industry. If you are an engineer whether it is civil or mechanical you can use this tool. Once you are in engineering work is such that requires construction and drawing, you are true of this tool. There are lots of applications in engineering that require this tool.


Architects also require the tool for their work. Architects are known for their design and construction work. The tool contains important elements that can help them to complete their projects in record time. Modern designers require the tool because it emphasized detailed drawing and construction. This tool is designed to facilitate that job. If you want to create wonderful architectural designs, this tool is the best tool for you and you can achieve the most precise design.


Furthermore, it is useful for those involved in filmmaking. This is because of the ability to generate 3D and 2D images. It makes it easier to create more illusions. This is not only good for the construction and drawing industry, but it is also very useful in image creation.

Most recently designers want to be creative and this tool is just designed to help them achieve that. If you are involving in marketing and you need to be creative in ads generation, this tool can help you to achieve that. No better software can assist you to achieve a more creative result than this software. Therefore, you can always consider this system once you are in the design and construction industry.

SketchUp Pro Software vs SketchUp Automation Tools Software.

Shortcuts, as their name implies, are designed to make your work faster and more conveniently. It is for this reason that you want to make use of them extensively. These shortcuts come in various forms and shades.

Though available in many shades and forms, the hotkeys are the most popular shortcuts. Apart from prioritizing them, you also want to assign them as favorites. In this way, you will access them faster and more conveniently later on when you need them.

What is the Difference between SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Free/Make?

For a start, the SketchUp Pro is a premium version of the SketchUp automation tools. It does contain extra features and capabilities which its free counterpart lacks. This gives it the ability to bring in added benefits and power of imagination to you.

Among these are the ability to import and export work, edit designs which are generated by foreign automation tools, and add some value to your drawings, to mention but a few! It does cost a premium though and is hence beyond the reach of many who would badly need it

Generally speaking, the SketchUp Free/Make is good for a starter or someone who has never attempted to use these kinds of design software before. The SketchUp Pro, on the other hand, is for a professional, and in most cases, an experienced user.

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The Best Functions in SketchUp Pro Software

These are some of the functions that you can perform with this software that makes it unique:


This is available in large icons as well as customizable toolbars. The model is meant for beginners and they are user-friendly and reliable. It is good for those trying to get started.

3D warehouse

If you are creative and you want to design a house, you require this because of the 3D capabilities. It makes for download of the 3D and you can always use this to generate your designs. This is good for architects.


The greatest part of this tool is that it is compatible with different kinds of the system such as .dwf files, Dxf and so on. Because of that, it is simpler and easier to use the software to achieve your drawing objectives.

How does the [Push/Pull] Function Work?

Push represents 2D faces while pull represents 3D shapes or faces. This simply means changing or projecting 2D faces to 3D faces. This happens in design courses. It occurs in the clicking form and you can move your cursor till you get what you want.

sketchup push pull tool

Tutorial About The Top 10 Push Pull Functions

Before you Begin with Painting in SketchUp Pro Software you should now the top 10 Push Pull Tool Functions.

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How does the [Move Tool] Work?

This represents the ways designers change. This is possible with the move tool. You can use it to move models, edges as well as stretch faces and endpoints. Furthermore, this tool makes it possible for faces duplication. Besides, it is possible to spread the points in between.

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Move Tool

With the Move Tool you can Move any Objects, Stretch any Faces, Edges & End-Points or Duplicate any Objects it is also possible that you can spread it Between Points (Value Distances)

sketchup paint tool

Paint Bucket Tool

With the Paint Bucket Tool you can Fill Faces with Colors or Textures.

sketchup paint tool

Paint Bucket Tool Tutorial

In this Tutorial you will see 8 Useful Tips about the Paint Bucket Tool, SeamlessTextures how to use MORE REALISTIC MATERIALS.

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Tutorial About The Follow Me Tool

In this tutorial you will see How you can Simple Make Spheres or how you can Quick Round the Edges in 3D.

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How does the [Follow me Tool] Work?

Follow me tool as the name implies is a device you can you when you are translating 2D face to 3D shape. You can seamless do it with that device and you. It works through the dragging process until you achieve the Complete Translation.

sketchup follow me tool

How does the [Measure Tool] Work?

Measure tool as the name implies is to measure or to calculate the distance between two ends of any structure. It involves the generation of 3D images through lines, faces as well as midpoints and so on. If you select the Tape Measure menu it will begin to work but you must first start from where you want to use as the beginning point.

sketchup measure tool

Measure Tape Tool Tutorial

In this Tutorial you can Learn How to Scale your Measure Tape Tool so that you have always the Right Measure Values, this is very Handy for any Planes or Architect Design Planes.

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How does the [Intersect with Model Tool] Work?

In the course of the drawing or design work, it is likely there would be intersections at one point or the other. The intersection can involve different classes, features and it can involve dimension. While carrying out the design, you must anticipate that and you would be ready for that as well. You require the intersect with a model tool to deal with that problem when it arises.

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 How does the [2 points Arcs Tool] Work?

In the construction work especially in design, there is always the need for arc generation. This is the software that you can rely on to generate the arc. It has to begin from the starting point, as well as the ending point and finally the bulge distance. The software is designed to generate that arc automatically.

sketchup arc tool