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Technology’s New Phase with Buttoncommander

Nowadays, we are waking up to new technologies inventions. People are always getting new ways of getting things done. Every technology company is moving and investing in research to outdo the rest. With the rise of the digital firms, new hardware’s and software’s are being made to substitute the hard manual work that used to be done. Every challenge in computing today is an opportunity for new technology inventions.
Buttoncommander is on the forefront with a software to bring to you easier interactions with your monitor. Have your installed the Buttoncommander? If you have you must have already started experiencing the great benefits that it brings along.

What is Buttoncommander 1.0?

Buttoncommander 1.0 is a recent automation software. It’s involved in the creation of Toolbar Launchers for any sort of applications on a windows system. This simply means that with any button you can execute command scripts from the tool images.
The software works hand in hand with AutoHotkey Freeware. Together you can then reduce your computer movements a lot. This means that you are able to maneuver through your computer, but this time you are using fewer commands to achieve faster results. The only way you can use fewer commands while interacting with your computer is when you are using the keyboard shortcuts.
How many keyboard shortcuts do you have in your mind now? Can they be count to ten? This is, therefore, a challenge that Buttoncommander comes to address through the installation of the Buttoncommander 1.0. The software will allow you to configure your own customized toolbar. You also have the opportunity to put your own pictures in the toolbar. Everything that you need to be done has therefore been a move to a click a mouse or a touch away.

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The AutoHotkey Freeware

Every time you hear of the Buttoncommander you will as well here about the AutoHotkey Freeware. There are like a pen and ink. To have better functioning of each of the other, the other ought to be present.
This is a free and open source custom scripting language. It is used for the windows system just like the Button commander. This means that if you are using a Macintosh, Mac, IPad or even Android’s newest version, you are not at an advantage this time. You just need to change to a windows system to have access to such great advancement in your way of work.
AutoHotkey way previous started with the aim of providing easy keyboard shortcuts. It was as well made to provide a software automation which is able to allow users of the most levels of computing skills to automate the repetitive tasks when using a windows system.

How is AutoHotkey Used?

There are various ways that you can use the AutoHotkey to make work easier. They can be used in performing tasks such as;

How does the AutoHotkey Program Run?

The AutoHotkey program cannot work on its own. It will actually do nothing on its own. Remember we said it is like the pen and a book with Button commander. A script is what tell AutoHotkey wheat to do.
What is a script then? This is a plain text file that is in the .ahk format. It has a filename extension that has different instructions for the program, to run. The file is compared to a set of configurations file but it is actually more powerful than a configuration file.
A script will define many hotkeys. When you press a hotkey, through the AutoHotkey it will perform the required set functions.

AutoHotkey can also run other function such as;

All these commands happen after they have been triggered through a hotkey such as a script.
For Instance,
The below example will help you understand better what we are now talking about.
When you press control+Alt+I buttons on the keyboard, an internet browser will automatically open you don’t need to open the control section and search for the program to open.
An AutoHotkey will, therefore, allow hot strings which will have a replacement of certain text when typed. There are certain scripts that can input automatically. These are initiated at the computer startup. You don’t need to interact with the keyboard in any way and they will just open.

Features of Buttoncommander Automation Software

The Buttoncommander 1.0 has salient features that makes it outstanding and able to help out in making desktop interaction much easier.

To make this happen in your windows system you need to install the Buttoncommander software.

There are therefore so many things that you can get to do with this type of a software. Some of these include;
1. Toolbars
2. Taskbars
3. Enter pads
4. Launchpad
5. Multiple clipboards
6. Onscreen keyboards
7. URL google launchers and many others
Buttoncommander can work with the use of a mouse device and also through the use of the stylus pen.

With a Mouse Device

For a desktop computer that has a mouse device, you can get to make your own favorite toolbars. This is easily done through a multi-selector popup menu.
To get this to happen, simply choose a picture on the toolbar. Push the left mouse button for the execution of the AutoHotkey script. Once this is done, push the right mouse button now to hide or to show the toolbars into the mouse pointer. While you are doing this you need to have the toolbar always near you in your work area.

Windows with a Stylus Pen

This mainly happens when you are using a tablet. Buttoncommander can be used with windows tablet that has a touchscreen. This is actually one of the easy methods to maneuvers through the Buttoncommander with your windows system.

Push the tool button with your finger on the left hand and you can pint with your pen at the same time. This will happen simultaneously without having to interrupt the painting work with your pen.

paint tools for surface pro 3 tablet

What is a Toolbar?

toolbar strip

Throughout our articles, you will never fail to see the word toolbar at least twice. Understanding what it is all about is therefore important to understand its context.
At the time it’s just referred to as a bar. This is a row of boxes that will often appear at the top of the application window. It controls various functions of the software. In the boxes at the toolbar, there are images that look the same as the images represented.
Through a toolbar, you are able to get a quick access to the functions that the program can perform. An example is that you can use the formatting toolbar in the Microsoft Excel program to perform various functions. You can do things like;

The toolbars contained through an internet browser are however different. They add to the functionality that might never come differently functionality that might never come pre-installed. You can, for instance, get a google toolbar which you can get access to exclusive google features to get the best performance.

How do you Build Toolbars

There are two main ways that you can use to build up toolbars.
• The first method is that you can choose a main picture in the program and just simply place it anywhere on that picture with the transparent button. To upload the images you can use the screenshot or you can search and download your best pictures on the internet.
You can just imagine how cool this will look like.
• Therein this method you choose a button with a picture that you want the file to have. Is another method that you use which is as well really easy.

Toolbar executions can be made easier to use through programs like the Buttoncommander. The software brings the interface in a simplified method and in an easy to use a method which is well simplified. It has a customizable option that you can use to put for instance the images that you custom on the toolbar.
To make this happen you, therefore, need to install a Buttoncommander software in your windows system. It will help you maneuver through various icons and will really make your work easier.

How to install a button commander automation system

First and foremost, the first thing that you do is installing the AutoHotkey freeware. This is will only work when you are using a window system. With the other systems such as the Macintosh, Android, the mac system and many others, it might never work.
The first step is downloading and installing the AutoHotkey and the Buttoncommander software. There are many sites that you can use to download these. Some of the trusted software downloading sites include windows10dowload.com, filehippo.com, sftonic.com, software informer and many others.
The next things after installation are testing the software. There are 30 free trial days that the software gives you to see how it will perform. In the 30 trial days, you are able to access almost all the relevant features. The free trial eliminates you the need of rushing to create an account.
After the30 days you will, however, need to pay for the license to use the software legally. The licenses can be renowned monthly or annually according to the plan that you choose to enroll.
The Buttoncommander software should however never be run directly as the Buttoncommander.exe. You need to run the .but files which are the same as the .ahk files that are available through the AutoHotkey freeware.

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The Enterpad Device

The sudden growth in technology is boosting the development of more devices daily. Enterpad Device is just one of them. It is one of the most effective keystroke keyboards in the world today. With a single press, the device lets you do more than you have ever done.
This keystroke keyboard of the Enterpads Device can, however, be compared to the Buttoncommander, that can make Virtual Enterpads on the Screen. This is the first love to all the online users.
The device is USB related where you simply plug in a USB device and you can then leverage it to provide more custom keys. The keys can then be configured to do what you want with your pc. The Enterpad device is actually a solution when you have a manual keyboard that lacks spare macro keys. (You can place under a protected cheet (transparant) any sort of Hotkey Layouts)
Through the software, you can configure any button to perform as any key on the keyboard. Macros can as well be programmed such that you are able to get a single press of a button performing series of many keys.

virtual enterpad

keycap shortcut device

The Infinitton Device and Elgato Stream Deck Device

Infinitton Device, Another tool that will serve you in a similar way with a similar technology is the Elgato Stream Deck Device. As the name suggests, these devices are simulair like a Fysical Keypad device the difference is they do have Display keys, the software is a for streamers the best friend. There are many software’s that a stream will use to perform the different function as they stream. This can as well be done using the desk. It has all the function that any stream can do. This can all happen with a one-button push. The stream deck device and Infinitton Device brings your PC closer to the console in the great simpler way. You will, however, need to set up the stream deck to have the one button functionality.
It’s an attractive, simple to use streaming hardware that you should never miss in your streaming kit. Like the streaming desk, the Buttoncommander has made desktop usage very easy. It has eliminated the need to use shortcuts to pressing a single button key that is appealing perform your tasks. It is as well gradually moving the keyboard from the normal physical hard to virtual keyboards that are more effective.

Fig.1: Infinitton Device

infinitton device

Fig.2: Elgato Stream Deck Device

stream deck device