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The Difference Between Hotkeyboard Devices and Keyboard Devices.

Hotkeyboard Devices can do Keyboard Shortcuts Macros with a single keycap click, compared with a Keyboard Devices you will need to Click a count of keycaps

Hotkeyboard Devices can do more things with one Key Presses, if you click on a keycap it can do a keystroke Combinations or it can do a Complex or Simple Computer Movement. You can do for Example Click on the Key (001) to Copy the Text or Image into the Ram Memory. and if you buy these devices then you get most of the time a Automation Software with these Tools you can Write for example in Autohotkey Languages the Command Codes, these Scripts can execute any kind of Keyboard Shortcuts Macros.

Keyboard Devices you will need to Press a count of keys, to do a keystroke Combination for Example you can click on the Keys (Ctrl Key) + (c Key) = Copy the Text or Image into the Ram Memory. and if you buy these devices most of the time you will get no Automation Software.

Keyboard Devices

Hotkeyboard Devices.

You can find many useful Hotkeyboard Devices, the populair Hotkeyboards are: Large Devices :
Enterpad Devices,shortcut-s keyboard,Xkey Devices,?

Small Devices : (with Displays)
infinitton Devices,Elgato Stream Deck Devices,Optimus Aux keyboard,?

Remote Devices :
xpen shortcut Devices,Wacom Express key Devices,?

With One is Faster Hotkeyboard Devices or Keyboard Devices:

Hotkeyboard Devices are the Faster Way to do the jobs you only need to click one keycap, compared with Keyboard Devices you will need to click a sequence of keycaps, and you will need to use two hands to move to the keyboard and with Hotkeyboard Devices you only need to use one hand, so that you can stay always with you hand on the mouse device. Hotkeyboard Devices can improve the productivity and you can use it as standalone or together with a Keyboard Device.

xkeys devices

Enterpad Devices the Hotkeyboard with Flat keycaps.

An Enterpad Device is a Hotkeyboard that does have flat keycaps these 120 keys does not have a High (Dimensions) , the pros are you can place Paper Hotkey Layouts above the keys and the cons are you do not have a presser feedback so like a regulaire keyboard. you can connect the Enterpad Device true an USB connector. And you can write the codes in Autohotkey Languages (.ahk) or VBA Languages (Visual Basic/Microsoft Visual Studio Software)  

click on enterpad device

Virtual Enterpad the Onscreen Hotkeyboard for Touchscreens, Pc's and Tablets.

With buttoncommander Toolbar Creator Software you can Build all sorts of Virtual Hotkeyboards for example: Create your own Virtual Enterpads the ideal Onscreen Hotkeyboard for windows tablets, Touchscreens and PCs. if you have for Touchscreen Monitor or Tablet, you can then Push with your finger or mouse device the tool buttons and at the same time you can paint with your Touch pen. without to do moving your stylus pen to that Tool button.

paint on touchscreen monitor

Xkeys Devices.

With Xkeys Devices you can Remove/Customize any keycaps from that Xkey-Board and you can place under each keycap your own individual Image Cards. You have many options to buy different sorts of Xkeys Devices with a count of keys, from 24 keycaps to 128 keycaps.

xkeys keyboard

Shortcuts-s Keyboard Devices.

This is simular like a Enterpad Devices, this Shortcut-s Keyboard Device does have also a flat keys with no High (Dimensions) and it does not have a transparant protected shield where you can place the Layouts cards. you can put the Layouts directly over the keys. and this Hardware device does have more keys (319 keys)

  shortcut-s keyboard

Elgato Stream Deck Devices.

An Elgato Stream Deck Devices is a Hotkeyboard with 15 Keycaps and each Key Does have a independent Display on Board (72x72 pixels - Programmable LCD keys), compared with Xkeys Devices you do not need to make Image Cards for under the keys instead of that you can true an Automation Software named: Key Creator - Let Show witch Picture must appear and you can even use Animations Gifs or Play small Video's.

stream deck device

Infinitton Devices.

The Infiniton Devices ist almost the same like an Elgato Stream Deck Devices. The Difference is the Infiniton Board does have [3 keys Horizontal x 5 keys Vertical] and the Stream Deck does have [5 keys Horizontal x 3 keys vertical] and these Devices does works under other Automation Tools.

infinitton device