Buttoncommander 1.0 Automation Software.

Create Toolbar Launchers for Applications.

But­ton­com­man­der 1.0 is a Automa­tion Soft­ware that can Cre­ate Tool­bar Launch­ers for any sort of Appli­ca­tions on a Win­dows Sys­tem.
Any But­ton can Exe­cute com­mand scripts from tool images. Togeth­er with auto­hotkey free­ware you can effe­cient reduce your com­put­er move­ments.
Are you tired to remem­ber Key­board Short­cuts Com­bi­na­tions.
In many appli­ca­tions you will need to search in the menus to find the right key­board short­cuts com­bos.
Is it not bet­ter that you cre­ate your own favorite tool­bar,
You only need to look to that image on the tool­bar and the pic­ture will explain what is can do.
Push it in one but­ton click with your mouse device or touch device and its done.

Buttoncommander is a Creator and launcher

(all in one)
And it works on Win­dows Sys­tem 32/64 bit (98/xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10)
The pros are, it does use only a min­i­mum of CPU load with a max­i­mum of per­for­mance.

With this Top Tool you can make your own favorite:

  • Tool­bars.
  • Taskbars.
  • Launch­pads.
  • Enter­pads.
  • Vir­tu­al key­boards.
  • Mul­ti­ple Clip­boards.
  • Url google Launch­ers with query search para­me­ters.
    Select any Text on your sys­tem and do in ONE BUTTON CLICK
    a google search. The com­put­er find (auto­mat­ic) out where it
    can do the search and what brows­er it must use.
  • And many more.

For Windows Tablet with a Stylus Pen.

You can use but­ton­com­man­der on any kind of win­dows tablets with touch­screen. (for instance Sur­face pro Tablet)
Push with your left hand (fin­ger) a tool but­ton and in the same time you can do paint­ing with your sty­lus pen.
(with­out inter­rupt­ing or mov­ing your sty­lus pen to a Tool but­ton)
Click Here for Youtube Video 1 – Tips to Work Smarter with a Sty­lus Pen on Win­dows Sur­face Tablet.

Photoshop with Surface tablets

For Desktop Computer with a Mouse device.

You can make your own Favorite tool­bars with mul­ti selec­tor popupmenu's.
Choose a Pic­ture on the Tool­bar and then Push the Left Mouse But­ton for exe­cut­ing the Auto­hotkey Script.
And Push the Right or Mid­dle Mouse But­ton for Hide/Show the Tool­bars into the Mouse Point­er.
(you have always your Tool­bar near to your work area)
Click Here for Youtube Video 2 — and see how to make in 5 min­utes a Tool­bar.

photoshop Shortcuts Tools

How to install Buttoncommander.

It Required that you first install auto­hotkey free­ware on your win­dows sys­tem.
Step 1: Down­load and install auto­hotkey Click Here
Step 2: Down­load, install But­ton­com­man­der
You can Down­load But­ton­com­man­der Soft­ware From Web­site Por­tals:
Choose One – Click On the but­ton Images.
Get it from CNET Download.com! download-softpedia software informer download Free Software Download - Top 4 Download Free Software Download - Windows 10 Download
Step 3: If that is done you are ready to take of.
(You can test it out and you can see what it can do, the free 30 days Tri­al No need to Has­sle to signup or make a Account.)
You can run the ?.but files in the direc­to­ry Exam­ples.
Note! – do not run the buttoncommander.exe file direct­ly,
you will need to run the .but files, same like .ahk files in auto­hotkey free­ware.
For info about license agree­ment for end users (EULA) you can Click Here

Advantages of Buttoncommander.

pictures with executable shortcuts commands

Image Toolbars:

But­ton­com­man­der. can exe­cute all kind of script­ing lan­guages (with­out focus the win­dows)
this means you can for exam­ple: send text or send key­board short­cuts com­bi­na­tions to any appli­ca­tions.
auto­hotkey is the main lan­guages for but­ton­com­man­der. In the com­mand edi­tor of but­ton­com­man­der You can,
write a sim­ple or com­plex auto­hotkey scripts or write msdos code­lines (.bat) oth­er lan­guages scripts (.???) is also pos­si­ble
With this soft­ware you can sim­ple run the scripts by click­ing a tool­bar pic­ture on your screen,

You can also exe­cute the com­mand scripts by push­ing a short­cut com­bi­na­tion on your fisi­cal key­board.

Text Toolbars :

But­ton­com­man­der does have all kind of tool­bar move func­tions for mouse or touch device:

  • Hide the Tool­bar into the mouse point­er. (so that you have the tool­bar always close to your work area)
    (exam­ple: push the mid­dle mouse but­ton to show/hide the tool­bar)
  • Hide the Tool­bar into (ONE BUTTON KEY) every­where on the desk­top screen.
    (exam­ple: You can sim­ple with any key on the tool­bar.)
  • Show and Hide the Tool­bar if your mouse point­er reach a (x,y,width,height) area.
    (note! for this you will need a auto­hotkey script­ing code.)
  • You can easy move the Tool­bar with any key.
text toolbar

How to Create Toolbar Launcher.

In a few steps you can cre­ate your own inno­v­a­tive launch­ers.
Step 1 : First go to the Exam­ples direc­to­ry and run the Cre­ate­MyNew 1.but file.
Step 2 : Then in the Com­mand Edi­tor Click the but­ton [Cre­ate new]  and give it a [new name].
Step 3 : Choose a but­ton image.
Step 4 : Resize that image Width=? Height=?
Step 5 : Choose How many but­tons you want to dupli­cate, save and restart but­ton­com­man­der.
Step 6 : Move these but­tons to the ide­al posi­tions.
Step 7 : Choose the Sound files.
Step 8 : Choose the Pic­tures files.
Step 9 : Click a but­ton and write the script­ing codes in the com­mand edi­tor.
Step 10 : Save and restart but­ton­com­man­der and you ready to go,
You only need to click on the images to exe­cute the auto­hotkey scripts.

Run command scripts from tool images.

The code­lines can have:

  • Key­board short­cuts com­mands.
  • Com­put­er move­ments com­mands.
  • Sim­ple script to Run Appli­ca­tions.
  • Scripts to do a url google search with query para­me­ters.
  • Easy code to Write or read the win­dows reg­istry.
  • Pro­gram codes that can fast Trans­form any text into com­mands.
  • And many more.

Advantages of Autohotkey.

Auto­hotkey. free­ware is the most use­ful script­ing lan­guages for keyboard/mouse or joy­stick device,
You can push­ing a short­cut com­bi­na­tion on your fisi­cal key­board and it will direct exe­cute the auto­hotkey script.
You can write the auto­hotkey scripts easy with Notepad, and save the scripts with exten­sion (?.ahk)

  • Remap key­board lay­out.
    Exam­ple code­line:
    a::b ;remap key­board, key a into b
  • Send key­stroke com­bos.
    Exam­ple code­line:
    ~f7::send ^c ; click on key­board f7 to copy the select­ed text into clip­board mem­o­ry.
    [^=ctrl] [#=win­dow] [!=Alt] [+=shift] [~ orginal func­tion is also active]
    In But­ton­com­man­der you can do,
    Click the image on the screen and it will direct copy the select­ed text to the clip­board mem­o­ry.
    image with shortcut command script
  • Do mouse move­ments.
    Exam­ple code­line:
    ~f8::MouseClick,left,200,300,2 ;push f8 for move the point­er to, coor­di­nate x200,y300 and then do two times a left mouseclick.
  • Remap the but­tons of the mouse/joystick device.
  • Easy com­mands to write or read the win­dows reg­istry.

~f9:: ;push f9 to put clip­board text into reg­istry hint1
send ^c
Reg­Write, REG_SZ, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, software\buttoncommander 1.0\Clipboard 1\KeyHintText,hint1,%a1%

  • You can Trans­form text into sym­bols (pi) into (π) or (ohm) into (Ω)
    Exam­ple code­lines:
    ::pi:: ;type pi + space­bar and it will replace pi into sym­bol π — and if you use :*:pi:: you can type pi with­out space­bar.
    Send {U+03C0} ; pi
    ;send {ASC 0960} ;pi
  • Trans­form (short text) into (long text)
    for exam­ple (kbc) into (Key­board Con­trol)

    Send Key­board Con­trol

    You can also make any words into com­mands for exam­ple if you type (calc) it will run the cal­cu­la­tor.

    run calc.exe

Autohotkey vs Buttoncommander.

Auto­hotkey. You can exe­cute the auto­hotkey scripts from out your [fys­i­cal key­board device] or [mouse device]
(and it does not have self a graph­i­cal inter­face.)
Com­pared with But­ton­com­man­der. soft­ware, this does have a graph­i­cal inter­face options,
and you can exe­cute the auto­hotkey scripts also from out tool­bar [but­ton icons] on the desk­top screen.

Con­clu­sion :
if you use But­ton­com­man­der togeth­er with auto­hotkey,
you have more options to auto­mate the com­put­er move­ments on your sys­tem.
Think about this auto­hotkey + but­ton­com­man­der = auto­hotkey pro­fes­sion­al.

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