Autohotkey Sitebar Creator for Windows Tablets — Surface pro.

But­ton­com­man­der 1.0 Automa­tion Soft­ware is an handy and unique Auto­hotkey Site­bar Cre­ator for Win­dows Tablets.
With this Top Tool, You can Build Site­bar Launch­ers.
The But­ton Pic­tures On the Site­bar can do:

  • Auto­mate key­board short­cuts Macros Move­ments.
  • Exe­cute Win­dows Appli­ca­tions.
  • Write or Read the Win­dows Reg­istry.
  • Url google search with query para­me­ters from any select­ed text.
  • Do an Trans­la­tion from any select­ed text.
  • Exe­cute any kind of Script­ing lan­guages (Auto­hotkey is the Main Lan­guages)
  • and many more

The All in one Site­bar Launch­er And Mak­er.
For Sur­face Pro Tablets or oth­er Win­dows Tablets.

Autohotkey Sitebar Creator


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