The best tips to work smarter on windows pc systems.

Here you will find tips which software is the best and how you can work smarter on your windows pc system. I am a programmer and i like ButtonCommander 1.0 software, On this part of site you can simple recieve for free, an extra license key (30 days trial) for ButtonCommander automation tool, reply on the bottom of this site no need to pay us, we only ask to support or promote this software  (for computer nerds, quality SEO backlinks are always welcome to this site, thanks) or join the forum community so that other users can have good example codes in the future. this software is new and innovative. Together with autohotkey freeware You can Speedup your computer movements.

Tip 1 : Software to make  your own unique toolbars.

If you build your own toolbars for window applications, then you do not need to moving your hands to your keyboard device. Simple go with your mouse pointer to the self explaned button icons pictures on the toolbar, push the button with your mouse device and the scripts does do the jobs for you, it will direct execute the computer movements . or you can push the ctrl,shift,window or alt button icons on the screen and with your left hand you can press a key on the keyboard, (ctrl,shift,windows,alt capslock is also possible) this is a smart en effiecient way to work so that you can stay always your right hand on your mouse device.
see picture’s Methode 1 to 3:

Methode 1:
if you use buttoncommander toolbars on your main monitor you can Improve and reduce your Computer movements, In this picture you will see a simple example.

reduce moving hands to keyboard and stay always on mouse device

Methode 2:
If you use buttoncommander on you the second Touchscreen you can execute for example all your favorite keyboard shortcuts macro’s without the keyboard.

touchscreen and second monitor reduce computer movement


Methode 3:
If you use buttoncommander on a tablet touchscreen you can click with your left hand (thumb) on the self explained images, and it will direct execute your keyboard shortcuts combinations. With out interrupting, and you do not have to move the pen to the Toolbar buttons.
(No need to use a fysical keyboard or no need to wait for the stylus pen to do a right mouse click [for example show the popup menu with copy/paste/cut])

Toolbar creator and launcher

The Best Tips for Google Search.

In this picture you can see :
How you can disable in browsers the Redirections for google search results (ncr).
With this tip you can have always, No Redirections Google Search Results to your local Country :

tip no country redirect google search


3D Text Maker:


Button Maker:


Here you can simple Reply to us and you will Recieve a free License key (30 days trial) for Buttoncommander 1.0 software.
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